Introducing The Axis Group of Companies with Joana Barbulescu

Hello, my name is Joana Barbulescu and together with Bob Fedoruk, we are the ownership team of The Axis Group of Companies. (AGC is comprised of Axis Technical Services and Axis Systems Group).

Today, I will be discussing our Relationship-based and Technology-driven approach to integrating communications systems. I invite you connect with us.

As the President of AGC, and a BICSI accredited RCDD professional, I am pleased to share with you the future growth opportunities within the information technology systems industry, and to share our roles as industry experts.

Our close association with BICSI and their mandate for continuous education has helped us earn the status of being one of the fastest growing companies in BC.

Expertise achieved through BICSI has enabled us to focus on local projects with international exposure, keeping us technology-driven and in-tune with the latest global standards.

Maintaining the BICSI RCDD designation for over 15 years means continuous learning and improvement. I learned to anticipate problems and formulate intelligent solutions in many large and medium-size projects.

By asking strategic questions regarding the scope and scale of potential opportunities, our process has provided our clients valuable insight with multiple options for the long-term sustainability of their project.

The objective is to ensure the delivery of a cost-effective, time-efficient solution each and every time.

At the Axis Group of Companies, we are passionate about the quality of the results, the enjoyment of our process, and our philosophy of building “relationships of trust” with our clients, team members and communities in which we live and work.

Our Process

  • Our Process Involves: Providing a Scope of Work
  • Building a project specific Review and Assessment
  • Installing the Designed project
  • Incorporating a System of Quality Assurance
  • Following-up on the Implementation Process

Thank you for watching; this concludes another video by The Axis Group of Companies.

As part of The Axis Group of Companies mission to share knowledge with our customers and industry, we are committed to developing a series of informative videos.

We’d like to hear from you. Please submit your feedback and ideas to or Contact Us at 604 777 2907.

I’m Joana Barbulescu and We are The Axis Group of Companies.
Relationship-based. Technology-driven!

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