Welcome to AGC… Integrated Communications Systems Scaled to Project Specifications

AGC – The Axis Group of Companies, are dynamic teams of industry experts and accredited personnel, providing integrated and scalable solutions to the communications infrastructure community in Canada. With a goal to position itself as a BC industry leader, AGC specializes in a full range of project capabilities including POL – Passive Optical LAN, Fibre Optic Installations, Structured Cabling, Data Centres, Wireless Infrastructure, Security Systems, and Audio Visual.

At AGC, we have built customized solutions to countless industries such as: Construction, First Nations, Transportation, Education, Health Care, Government, Entertainment, Resource-based, Media, Biomedical Research, Tourism, Hospitality, Retail and many more. AGC’s quality assurance process starts by asking strategic questions regarding the scope and scale of all developments.

AGC’s quality assurance process starts by posing strategic questions regarding the scope and scale of all developments which includes:

  1. Providing a Scope of Work
  2. Building a Review + Assessment
  3. Installing a Design and/or Build the Complete Project
  4. Incorporating a System of Quality Assurance
  5. Following-up on the Implementation Process.

Fiber Optics Installation
Trusted Leaders for Your Fiber Optic Cabling
In today’s networked world, fiber optic cabling is essential for transmitting information over longer distances and at higher bandwidths. AxisGroup is a recognized leader in fiber optic cable installation, combining rigorous attention to detail with proven technical skill. Regardless of your project’s application or scale, we can create the custom solution that will work for you.

All of our technicians are industry-certified and adhere to strict North American safety and design standards as laid out by professional associations such as BICSI.

AGC – The AXIS Group of Companies, comprised of Axis Technical Services and Axis Systems Group, credits ongoing success in part, to its long-term association with BICSI – Building Industry Consulting Service International.

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AXIS Technical Servicesand Axis Systems Group

POL–Passive Optical LAN
Setting New Environmentally Friendly Benchmarks
POL is becoming one of the fastest-growing transmission topology for new cable installations and modern upgrades. An Optical Splitter based networking solution replaces the existing LAN connections as well as traditional network switches with an individual high capacity cable; transmitting information to connect the end user directly with the data centre by sending light signals through an optical fibre. The shareable POL system with multiple infrastructure capabilities has the radius range of 20 km vs the average 300 ft range of legacy copper wiring.

Game-Changing Advantages include:
1. Cost-Effective and Cost-Efficient
Lower Overall Infrastructure Costs with Fibre Optics 
2. Greater Value and Peace of Mind
Advanced Security Features Ensure Decryption to be Virtually Impossible 
3. Greener and Safer
A More Protected and Environmentally Sustainable Strategy for Data